Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Bob Green interview on WFSB Better Connecticut 3/31/2014 ...

How You Can Participate in Automotive Safety and Survival


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A Teen Driver Safety Program
SurvivetheDrive - (860)435-1054 - Survive the Drive - Making Teen Drivers and New Drivers Safer

SurvivetheDrive® is an independent, not-for-profit, educational organization educating drivers of all ages, particularly vulnerable and inexperienced teenage drivers, about the often hideous and everlasting results of inattentive driving.

The primary goal is to reach every newly or soon-to-be licensed teen (or adult) through the use of a multi-media presentation by Bob Green. He focuses the students on the detrimental activity of texting, reading, drinking, phoning and any other activities that remove conscious understanding of the ever-present operational hazards of heavy, moving equipment. Bob calls this type of driving ‘Driving While Oblivious’ (DWO) and results in driver error in 93% of all crashes. Past and present novice driver training and DMV driver testing results have been shown to have little deterrent effect on these crash rates.

SurvivetheDrive presentations can be scheduled as a single assembly or as an accompanying presentation that will focus on each student’s competence and the desire to be their “Best Behind the Wheel.”

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"Your best behind the wheel"

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