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About SurvivetheDrive SurvivetheDrive®
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About SurvivetheDrive

SurvivetheDrive - About SurvivetheDrive - Making Teen Drivers and New Drivers Safer

The original effort

Bob Green started “Crashing is a Bummer” in 1997 as an independent contractor/consultant with the Skip Barber Driving School as a community service for local schools in Northwest Connecticut. Several of these developed into full day, kinetic driving programs that Housatonic Valley Regional High School, Shepaug Valley Regional High School (Connecticut) and the Menlo School (California) continue to do as driver educational “class trips”.

Along these lines, Bob pursued a grant sponsored, university graduate school program, and earned a certificate as an ADTSEA (American Driver and Traffic Safety Educational Association) instructor-trainer. Further academic efforts included publishing articles and papers in academic and technical journals, and presentations at universities, museums and technical conferences (SAE, ADTSEA, ISATA).

Although the project was later scrapped due to business concerns, scripting and location filming was underway for a nationally distributed educational package.

Bob independently renamed and redesigned the presentations and continued working with local school systems. The Connecticut Valley Region, Porsche Club of America continues to contribute substantial program sponsorship and individual high schools, local Rotary, Lions, Exchange Clubs and United Way community service organizations sponsored others.

2000 – present

This expanded the offerings to additional communities, evening adult education, industry and professional conferences. Bob served on two national advisory committees in Washington, D.C. (NHTSA and AAA). The reach expanded to additional high schools, community forums, hospitals, fire companies, police and emergency services, as well as companies offering safety workshops to their employees.

Bob has high visibility in print and broadcast media, making customized presentations to Boy Scouts, student drivers, elderly drivers, engineering professionals, 100,000+ high school students and the students and guests of the Skip Barber Racing and Driving Schools (17 yrs.).

The Next Step Projected for the future are;

  1. maintain and expand personal appearances to school systems and community forums and to form collaborative efforts with community service agencies.
  2. develop from the individual presentations a video or multimedia program format that can be distributed nationwide and reach more of the target population. 4.6 million teenagers receive automobile driver’s licenses each year from thousands of secondary schools and communities. This is a perpetual need and market.
  3. explore, propose and recruit sponsorship and partnerships to expand the reach and goals of the program
Bob Green has been the lone presenter to date because of his personal interest and competence. This research-based, motivational message has a, unique and relevant, high standard of delivery. He is personally requested as a professional presenter.

Formation of a not-for-profit corporation has:...
  1. assisted in welcomed access into more schools. The credibility of our not-for-profit corporation has expanded acceptance into school programs.
  2. expanded the offerings to thousands more teens (the group most vulnerable)
  3. facilitated funding, obtaining grant money, soliciting local support, recruiting corporate sponsorships
  4. provided scholarship funding for school systems and communities that have no “special program” funds in their budgets.
Our Board of Directors have supported and facilitated the expanded program.

Projected program requirements will eventually require additional presentational staff, an administrative and clerical office and, with extended development, the production and distribution of educational materials.



"Your best behind the wheel"

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