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To date, 1,500+ life-saving presentations have reached an audience of over 130,000 drivers and soon-to-be drivers.

We’ve provided the information, saved a few, and have prevented even more of these unfortunate life- threatening events.

Survive the Drive introduced “Behind the Wheel” Defensive Drive Training in the summer of 2015. The pilot event was enthusiastically received by individuals, parents and their teens. The course offers a hands-on defensive driver training course demonstrating crash avoidance maneuvers, skid capability, vehicle control, braking techniques and new car autonomous technologies. The safety program is conducted in a closed course circuit.

We can’t relent on this effort.

Bob Green
President & Executive Director

At 17 years old, on a snowy night, Bob Green crawled out of the  crushed and mangled wreckage of  his father’s car unscathed. Tough lesson, lucky kid. During his high school years four other kids were  not as lucky. Later, as a high school  teacher, Bob saw that the story was happening the same for even more unwary drivers.

In 1996, as a professional instructor with the Skip Barber Racing School, Bob initiated “Crashing is a Bummer” as a local community service for Skip’s school in Northwest Connecticut. Survive the Drive was later formed (2002) as an independent, not-for-profit educational service.

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