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CT State Police Joining Survive The Drive For A Car ‘Crash-Preventive’ Clinic

CT State Police Joining Survive the Drive for a Car ‘Crash-Preventive’ Clinic

‘Driving is your most dangerous and everyday activity.’, says Bob Green, Director of Survive the Drive in Lakeville, Connecticut. Survive the Drive is offering their ‘Behind the Wheel’ defensive driver safety clinic on July 25th on the paved infield areas of Lime Rock Park. Previous programs have benefited drivers from 16 to 78 years old. ‘Every driver can benefit. We’d like to eliminate the mistakes that cause crashes.’ says Green.

The program offers thoughtful strategies coupled with performing meaningful crash avoidance maneuvers that, in an ‘all of a sudden’ moment, can mean the difference between health and wellbeing or violent consequence. The impact that damages a car part is harsher on living beings. The recent World Health Organization report emphasizes the importance and has termed car crashes as the ‘Hidden Pandemic’ . . . the leading cause of traumatic violence in our communities, country and across the globe. ‘That report is based on pervasive damage, injury and fatality. Look at the newspaper.’ notes Green, ‘current traffic laws and enforcement are a demonstrated but limited deterrent. They’re not ‘accidents’.’

Survive the Drive’s program is based on science and behavior to inform and enable drivers in their understanding and decisions, facts and truth . . . ‘we acknowledge, but don’t harp on grief, tragedy, fear, threats or gruesome graphics. Even adults consider passing their drivers’ test as a kid to be adequate for driving for most of their lifetime, we supplement that with additional training’, offers Green. ‘Few folks haven’t had some type of mishap; it costs billions each year and can be fatal.’

The development of many electronic features in cars can be useful or detrimental, depending on the individual’s use. Many automatic features that ‘might help a driver in an emergency’ need training and drill for the driver to utilize, otherwise the car can’t help you.

CT State Police – Traffic Services Unit will be demonstrating the Seatbelt Convincer and Rollover Demonstrator. The Seat Belt Convincer is an easy-to-use educational tool that allows riders to experience force, up to five times their body weight, similar to that of a 5-7 mph crash. The Rollover Demonstrator is a 35 mph rollover simulated crash. The audience observes the results of crash test dummies not being properly restrained. The dummies are then buckled in for a second simulation demonstrating the importance of wearing safety belts in a vehicle.

Pre registration is required.  Enroll in the program on line. For additional information or to enroll by phone call Lori Demaraies at 860 806-3042 or Bob Green at 860 435-1054, or by email [email protected]
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