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This is a most comprehensive, cost effective, defensive driver course for individuals, parents & teens.

A hands-on defensive driver training course demonstrating crash avoidance maneuvers, skid capability, vehicle control, braking techniques and new car autonomous technologies.

SurvivetheDrive® has created a safety program based on information and experience gathered by their professional staff and Board of Directors, each offering decades of service, education and experience in driver training, transportation safety and auto racing instruction. The “Behind the Wheel” program is designed to educate novice drivers through the use of a multi- media presentation and a hands-on defensive driver training course.

Why Should I Take This Course?

Car crashes are a major cause of personal major expense, hassle, injury and fatality. Yet few recognize that car crashes are the leading cause of violence on the planet, in our country, communities; possibly to our selves, families and friends. . . until it happens. No one is immune and may be the victim. . . or the cause. The iceberg didn’t hit the Titanic. You can’t blame what you hit, the weather, or the cop for giving you a warning or ticket even when road conditions are treacherous.

Survive the Drive—an educational, not-for-profit injury prevention program—is offering seasonal driving clinics for drivers of all ages to improve their crash prevention awareness.  The Behind-the-Wheel driving exercises take place on dry, wet and snow covered test courses at Lime Rock Park, in Lakeville, Connecticut. Drivers will understand the capabilities and limitations of braking, turning and maneuvering cars on surfaces that any driver may daily encounter.  Tire technology, electronic driver aids, skid prevention; causes and recovery and the science and behaviors that contribute to crashes are part of the informational content.

“Behind the Wheel” Skid Causes & Recovery. June 25, 2015 at Lime Rock Park skidpad.
Mattheu Groebl receives "Behind the Wheel" personal driving instruction from instructor Jason Lare. June 25, 2015 at Lime Rock Park skidpad.
“Behind the Wheel” Emergency Lane Changes and Braking Exercises. June 25, 2015 at Lime Rock Park Slalom Autocross.
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