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Future Plans for Survive the Drive
  • Maintain and expand personal appearances at school systems and community forums. Form collaborative efforts with community service agencies.
  • Script, produce, and distribute thematic media-based programs to regional and national audience. This would contribute to an improved “automotive safety culture consciousness”.
  • 4.6 million teenagers receive automobile driver’s licenses each year from thousands of secondary schools and communities. This is a perpetual  need and market.
  • Expand the Speaker Presentations and Defensive Driver Training Course to more drivers.
  • Bob Green has been the primary presenter to date because of his personal interest and motivation, his certification and educational background, as well as his high standard delivery of this message to all audiences. Our plans includes training additional program presenters.
  • Facilitate funding, obtain grant money, solicit local support, recruit corporate sponsorships.
  • Provide scholarship funding for school systems and community Speaker Presentations and for individuals seeking Defensive Driver Training.
The Reasoning/Projected Programs
  • Donations from businesses, clubs, organizations and individuals help Survive the Drive (a non-profit 501(c)3 organization) raise awareness of distracted driver injuries and fatalities in our communities.
  • Through fund raising efforts, Survive the Drive is able to bring driver safety programs to individuals, high schools and community groups.

Defensive Driver Training Courses  Have Been Proven To Reduce the  Number Of Traffic Violations And  Fatalities Across The U.S.

41% reduction in recidivism; 1.7  times less likely to have another  collision.

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