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We educate drivers face-to-face to help them understand the responsibilities that go along with using a set of car keys.

Our multi-media presentation focuses on the detrimental activity of texting, speeding, drinking, phoning and any other activities that impair driver consciousness.

Defensive driver training courses have been proven to reduce the number of traffic violations and fatalities across the U.S.

56% decrease in traffic violations and a 63% decrease in surchargable violations.

For most young persons driving is the first time in their lives where mistakes can result in very profound consequences. We would like to help more survive. Our preventive tools are the facts, education, and training—no grief, sorrow or threats: a lesson learned in time.

Bob Green gives a classroom presentation - Croton 2012
Bob Green gives a classroom presentation – Croton 2012
A Note to Schools

You can provide automotive safety and violence prevention education for your students!

Survive the Drive is an independent, not-for-profit, educational organization that provides risk-awareness and safe-driving presentations to school groups and community organizations. Trainer Bob Green presents the facts using personal anecdotes, props, PowerPoint slide shows and graphic demonstrations about the physics of driving . . . and worse, what happens during the crash by demonstrating sobering reality. Rather than taking a textbook approach, he relies on a caring attitude, facts, enthusiasm and humor. “Your airbag won’t go off unless your car is getting shorter . . . crushing. Now how did that happen? The car isn’t smart enough to crash itself. Everybody that has complained about their airbag injuries was probably saved by it.”

“It’s all about behavior, understanding, attitude and responsibility behind the wheel. Parents and school systems generally aren’t specialists in adolescent automotive behavior. However small a driving error is, (inadvertent, unintentional, choice or judgment) there is the potential for violent consequence.” Over 130,000 students have benefited from this presentation since 1996.

If you are interested in promoting or sponsoring a Survive the Drive program for your school or organization, please use the contact information below. The presentation can accompany and supplement other safety awareness programs—fire and ambulance company crash enactments and other grief, sorrow and emergency service experience narratives. Program fees begin at $500 depending on requirements. No-cost programs are available depending on circumstances.

Give your students this interactive program. We focus on their needs and understanding. They’ll be heading out into traffic soon. Watch our 2 ½ minute video.

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